Providing superior service and value to startups and Fortune 500 companies since 2003. Practical Physics, LLC is a consulting/contracting company specializing in Automated Test System Design and Development, Product Development, Data Analysis, and System Integration. Industries served include Heavy Industrial, Aerospace, and Electronics market segments. LabVIEW is the primary programming language used. The company is owned and operated by Chris Hils. Mr. Hils holds a Masters degree in Applied Physics and Computer Science and has been providing test solutions in industrial environments since 1997.

Deployed test systems include hydraulic test systems, universal test systems for electronics, an automated microscope for research, the VMEC eddy current instrument, a remotely operated vehicle for remote field testing, remote field testing instrumentation, and custom data analysis platforms.

Technologies include CAN, I2C, SPI, USB, PCI(e), Ethernet, RS232/485, PXI, Galil controllers, Elmo Controllers, compactFieldpoint, NI-DAQ, VISA

Company Philosophy

Practical Physics LLC approaches every project with integrity, experience, and innovation.Whenever possible commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products are utilized to reduce customer cost. If necessary, a customer may be referred to another company for this simple reason - whether the project is done by Practical Physics or another company, the most important thing is the customer receives the services and support to have their project be successful. Customer-driven pragmatic solutions are the goal.

National Instruments Alliance Partner     Certified LabVIEW Developer

Member IEEE   Founded 2003